Suddenly I was yelled at by a stranger as an Asian. NYでアジアンヘイトが初めて自分の身に降りかかった話 #StopAsianHate

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The stupid thing happened to me.

When I was walking alone in the crowd near Times Square this afternoon, I heard a guy was yelling from behind like “Putting a mask!!!…”“Asian…!!!”.

Soon realized that he was yelling at me. Then I yelled back “What’re you talking about!!??”

Everything happened in a second. When I noticed, the man was already far from me and yelled at another person again.

I was just stunned and glaring and said “He is crazy…!!”

Next, another shocking thing to me was people around me just stared at the guy and nobody care about me (or I just didn’t notice). It looks like people just ignored or didn’t see anything that had happened here.

Through my experiences, New Yorkers usually care about someone, so maybe the crowd was tourists from other States or overseas. (or they probably don’t understand English)

It has been19 years since I moved from Japan, this was the first experience that I was suddenly yelled at by a stranger as an Asian.

First of all, I was shocked at the time and started feeling my anger for a few seconds.

Last year I was more cautious and prepared for it.

This thing, what I saw in Chinatown before, happened to me, like a car accident.

Thank god, I’m totally ok physically.

This might be also a wake-up call for me. It’s time not to relax on the street anymore New York is not New York that I fell in love with old days anymore. I’m really sick of it.











#ニューヨーク #アジア人差別 #StopAsianHate

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